Our Story

The IT landscape of today, differs from yesterday and will not be the same tomorrow. This remains a continuous challenge for our customers to effectively adapt to these changing landscapes, and to ensure that their most valuable asset, which is their data, remains online, available and properly protected. 

With above in mind, StratIT was founded during 2017 with the main objective to provide data risk management to customers. 

When considering architectural designs for your data, one needs to keep a massive amount of components in mind which can become a daunting task purely because of the size of the data sets and the need to be compliant to policies. This in turn leads to a financial impact and implication, which more than of ten exceeds what a customer would like to invest, or simply exceeds what a company has available to invest. Because of this financial impact, the customer has to potentially cut down on the desired system design, which in turn means that their most valuable asset – data – has to take the risk of not being properly managed. 

Customers have reached a point where we have to redefine the way we look at data and the way we are going to manage data to ultimately overcome the barrier of cost, without sacrificing data integrity, availability and protection. 

We at StratIT look at data differently. We provide our customers with a value chain for their data by addressing critical factors which are of ten neglected, overlooked or ignored due to the lack of a clear strategy and direction. The value chain we provide creates a ripple effect which ultimately touches each aspect within the Data Centre, thus providing our customers with an instant Return on Investment, and a massively reduced Total Cost of Ownership. Our value offering provides real and continuous value, which increases over time by enabling our customers to make informed decisions based on intelligence extracted from the entire Enterprise.

The cost of doing nothing, far supersedes the cost of pro-active engagements, and reacting based on intelligence gathered.

Our Vision

StratIT’s vision is to be the leader in providing complete integrated solutions across IT environments to manage data.

Data grow this a primary concern for most CIO’s as this impacts the complete environment with regards to storage capacity and continuous upgrades, protection of the data and an ever shrinking backup window, replication solutions for Disaster Recovery Purposes and the ever increasing costs of the aforementioned infrastructure. StratIT believes however that it is not as much the growth of data as it is the multiple unmanaged copies of data, sitting across the massive amount of silo’s within the Enterprise, and the lack of a long term secondary data storage solution that is the main cause.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be recognised as the top Value Added Distributor for Data Risk Management Solutions across Africa.

Our Commitment and Values


  • A Tailored solution that is specific to your needs
  • Service excellence
  • To cultivate a long-standing relationship and going the extra mile
  • Exceeding customer expectations
  • Competitive pricing

Acting with honesty and truthfulness at all times are non-negotiable. This is how we deal with our clients, vendors, colleagues and everyone we get in touch with.

We are respectful towards our clients and colleagues through our words and our actions.

Whether positive or negative, we stand accountable for the consequences of our actions. This includes our products, actions and decisions.

Teamwork ensures productivity. Through mutual support, co-operation and by encouraging each person to achieve their own goals and do what they do best, we ensure successes are achieved.

With the right and a positive attitude we will give our best in our jobs to ensure the success not only of StratIT, but also of our customers and vendors.

Making innovation open to Africa.

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Christo Briedenhann

Group Chief Executive Officer
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Elmarie B

Elmarie Briedenhann

Group Marketing Officer
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Johan P.


National Channel & Sales Manager
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Retha M


Operations Manager
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