StratIT Products

Get Power Over Your Data By Managing Unstructured Data

  •  Enterprise Class Data Governance Platform
  •  Purpose-built, high-speed indexing for global data centers
  • Scalable platform that supports petabytes of unstructured files and email
  • Only solution to support both primary and backup data sources
  • Find, manage and govern data based on policies

The Hyperconverged Secondary Storage Platform For Secondary Data And Global Management

Cohesity provides a web-scale data management platform designed to eliminate secondary storage silos by converging all secondary storage and associated data services on one unified solution – including backups, cloud gateway, files, objects, test/dev copies, and analytics data. Cohesity is a software-defined solution that spans from the edge, to the datacenter, and the cloud. With Cohesity, enterprises can:

  •  Simplify data protection infrastructure by converging legacy backup silos
  • Consolidate file and object services
  • Build a multicloud data fabric with native cloud integration for archival, tiering and replication
  • Accelerate test/dev with copy data management
  • Gain visibility into their dark data with in-place analytics
  • Reduce secondary storage TCO by 50% or more

Highest Speed Data Transfer: Accelerate your data regardless of distance, type or size In Real Time

Accelerated outcomes

  • Accelerate delivery of data
  • Reduce time to intelligence
  • Increase productivity

Faster content distribution

  • Deliver content quicker to customers or collaborators
  • Increase workflow efficiency
  • Reduce non-productive transfer windows


  • Reduce transfer times for off-site backups
  • Reduce data replication times
  • Achieve compliance with disaster recovery and business continuity policies

Right-sized environment

  • WAN infrastructure investment is right-sized to the transfer task
  • Administration and off-site storage costs

Introducing the LIVE DATA future

Imagine a world where:

  • all your data is live and available all the time,
  • exabytes of data won’t break your IT budget
  • you never have unused capacity
  • it doesn’t matter where your data is located
  • data outages is a thing of the past
  • moving data to the cloud won’t disrupt your business

Welcome to the Live Data Future!

Business Success now depends on putting exabytes of LIVE DATA to work for the business.

This success is held back by the compromises and constraints of existing Data infrastructure, and just migrating your data to the cloud is not enough.