Introducing the LIVE DATA future

Imagine a world where:

  • all your data is live and available all the time,
  • exabytes of data won’t break your IT budget
  • you never have unused capacity
  • it doesn’t matter where your data is located
  • data outages is a thing of the past
  • moving data to the cloud won’t disrupt your business

Welcome to the Live Data Future!

Business Success now depends on putting exabytes of LIVE DATA to work for the business.

This success is held back by the compromises and constraints of existing Data infrastructure, and just migrating your data to the cloud is not enough.

WANdisco Story

WANdisco CEO David Richards and Chief Scientist Dr. Aahlad co-founded WANdisco in 2005. They grew the company without raising any private equity, venture capital or angel funding and led it to a highly successful IPO on the London Stock Exchange on June 1st 2012. Our IPO raised over $24 million and was oversubscribed by more than 300%. Find out more about how we became the Live Data company and our plans for the future.

Imagine data being able to move anywhere at any time and available in multiple locations as it changes. Data that is always available, always accurate and always protected. Secure and future proof. At a fundamentally lower cost structure. Only one company can deliver this: WANdisco. Welcome to the LIVE DATA World. Imagine what you could do.

Reduce your business continuity risk with the WANdisco Fusion platform

Jagane Sundar Meetup video:

Use Cases

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