Security Products

Long and Short Range Solutions

StratIT Security specializes in various long range and short-range leading-edge camera technology solutions that includes thermal as well as optical cameras and a combination of both on one camera with Artificial Intelligence and Analytics that is event and alert driven to protect perimeters long and short range as well as internal areas for properties such as buildings, Corporate Offices, Warehouses, Factories, Farms, Mines and Airfields to mention a few We design and scope a solution to address the problem that the customer is facing with technology to mitigate the problem to create a safe environment to be protected

VMS Integration

We at Strat IT will first look at what systems the customer already has in their environment that we can integrate and not only rip and replace. We offer leading brands Video Management Systems (VMS) that are integratable such as Milestone, Avigilon, Watchdog, Milesight Enterprise, Arteco, Dahua DSS, Hikcentral to mention a few.

Communication Towers

We provide a total solution for communication long range and short-range end to end tower / mast as well as the communication technology We do site surveys, planning and design, civil work, foundations supply of the tower’s self-supported and guyed that complies with SANS standards from 3 meter up to 80 meters with Foundation and Structure signoff by a Professional Engineer.

Solar Solutions

With our team of experts, we can design solar solutions that will be efficient with adequate capacity to provide power to your devices and technology not to run out of power even rainy cloudy weather that can continue for a few days. We will do the specifications and sizing for the Inverters, Charge Controllers and Solar Panels for the solution.

Structure Cabling

We have a wealth of experience with both wired and wireless connectivity mediums and can provide complete connectivity solutions for factories, offices, warehouses, mines, and corporate buildings Our Structured cabling design and installation is governed by a set of standards that specify the wiring, lengths, and distances; these standards define how to lay the cabling in various topologies to meet the needs of the customer. We are using (Cat 5e) Category 5e, (Cat 6) Category 6 and Fibre Optic for data and voice communication We also build cable routes and do cabinet clean ups, neaten the cables, and do the labelling as well

UPS Solutions

Our vision is to supply quality clean stable uninterruptable power to protect mission critical electronic devices in the customers environment by supplying, installing, and maintaining Uninterruptible Power Supplies from 1kVA to 650kVA for the Medium to Large Enterprise markets

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